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Almost there
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PostSubject: On Patrol   On Patrol Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2008 4:16 pm

Everyone! I read the above conversation about what's been going on with the site. That "code screen" your all talking about only happened once for me, but it seems fine now. Again, I'm always on the watch for any suspicious guests. As for IP addresses...
It's true what Jess said. All our school computers go to the same IP address. From what I can make of it, someone in the school found the site and just posted that random thing. But I doubt anyone other than me or Jess knows how to run forums.
I don't know what to make of these "code screens" your all talking about, but my guess is this site's instability. Most likely some code for the site's overall layout is corrupt, which may be why you all got that technical jibberish on your screens.
As I said before, I'll be on constant guard of these forums. And I promise you...Jess, Debron, Nethac, etc...this site will NOT suffer the same fate as Night Shade has. Not while I'm on patrol!
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On Patrol
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